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My FEED - Re-subscribe!!

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I am going to send this out one LAST time over here because - OBVIOUSLY - some of you aren't hearing the memo...you need to go re-subscribe to Blah Blah Blog at www.shaunacallaghan.com

You will not get updates if you get this ONE!

Please....it would mean a lot.


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My FEED - Re-subscribe!!

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Hello All of you who are still subscribed to my old feed. :)

Please head over to www.shaunacallaghan.com and re-subscribe (or you can do it here). In the move to Wordpress, feeds just insist on staying where they are! Thanks so much!

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April 28,2009
Dear Readers,

I have FINALLY moved over to http://www.shaunacallaghan.com

Please come visit - Submit your blog address to my new Blogroll. There is an easy form in my sidebar to add your name.

Its pretty fancy over at the new place...you are going to love it!!!!!!

Here is a sneak peek!

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Rarely do I pamper myself. I used to...A lot. When I worked outside of my house, I would get pedicures, massages & go shopping all the time. It was just the luxury of having a lunch break and a flexible job.

I kind of thought that working out of the house would make for more flexibility. Not so much.

I haven't had a massage in years and the last pedicure that I got was with my Blogger friends last October! Sad, I tell you.

BUT. One of my good friends (and customers) set an appointment for me to have an Organic Facial last Friday. It was blissful.

The whole facial smelled like something I could eat. Here are the details so you can just read for yourself:

Arcona Organic Enzyme Peel
The Arcona Enzyme Treatment is custom blended to benefit every skin type and skin concern. This facial utilizes pure fruit enzymes, powerful anti-oxidants and natural acids that penetrate deep into the skin cells to increase collagen, elastin production and smooth the surface of the skin. This treatment is perfect for lightening pigmentation, toning the pores, controlling acne, smoothing and preventing fine lines, wrinkles and ultimately strengthening the structure of the skin. This facial leaves the skin with the ultimate glow that lasts for days.

At one point she zapped some zits on my face. She rubbed my feet as the enzyme treatment did its magic. She was amazing!!!! If you live in the DFW area - you MUST make an appointment. Go over to the Spa page at ProActiveWorX for details!

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Runaway With Me (Guest post from Soliloquy)

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DISCLAIMER: Soliloquy feels the need to use an abundance of "ya'll's" in this post due to my residence in Texas. Soliloquy & I will be travelling to Mexico for Vacation in approximately 4 Glorious Days!

Surely y’all can see the wisdom in meeting someone online and then agreeing to join them in Mexico.


And no matter that the friend you met online goes by a pseudonym. It’s a great idea!!


But hey – this is Shauna we’re talking about so that kind of explains most anything.


I mean, I guess she felt a certain comfort level in being invited to bring her husband along. Spin will be there too. And if you’re wondering, no, Spin and Kip have never met.

What? Someone has to pay for the trip!!

Oh come on. You would expect at least as much from our husbands than to let either of us just jaunt off and leave the country with someone we met on the internet…..

Seriously. This will be my third “playdate” with Shauna. (That was for you, Marcy. Miss you, Marcy. Wish you were coming, Marcy.)

The first “playdate” was in October of last year when I flew to Dallas to spend a weekend with her and a few other “members of High Society” from coast to coast. Miss you guys! The second “playdate” was a month later, when Shauna somehow finagled a surprise trip for her and Marcy to Atlanta.

At Spin’s expense.

Good times.

(The least I could do is invite Spin along…..)

So, yah. Mexico.

Cancun, to be exact. Four whole days and nights with Shauna and nothing better to do than work our way through drink menu. (She and I are always up for a challenge. Even if she already failed the matching-tattoo-before-Cancun challenge. But whatever.)

So Shauna – here’s to the five-day countdown to SUN, POOL BOYS, MARGARITAS, NO KIDS, and SLEEPING WITHOUT DOGS.

And ME.

As much of ME as you can take.

(That could be more than she bargained for. Y’all. If something untoward becomes of me in Mexico, question Shauna first.)

(And if you want to read the UNEDITED version of this post, link over to me (www.shejusthadtosayit.com) on Saturday. Anonymity provides me with liberties that were censored for Shauna’s family blog.)

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A Friendship Progression

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I found some fun pictures over at my best friend, Czarina's, blog. I had to grab them because they bring back so many memories! Czarina and I have been friends for an ungodly length of time.

Czarina and I met when we were 12-13 (right?). The top picture is of us at 8th Grade Day. A pretty big event in the junior high gig.

We had matching outfits on. Awesome.

Picture #2 - High school Graduation. Pretty big deal also. Also had matching outfits on.

Lastly, here we are a few years ago. So cute. Man, do we get better with age! No matching outfits on this day - but don't think that we haven't done that in the past few years - because we have!

We are having lunch tomorrow (I think) - I cant wait! **Czarina, I will be in jeans and a cream sweater if you want to plan accordingly.**

Have a happy April Fools day!

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"Roxy, Get Off the ROOF!"

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Can I just put it out there that you should only have to say this statement ONCE? Not twice, not three times, and definitely not daily....

This dog will be the death of me.

Let me preface all of this with a quick explantion:
1. Our A/C is currently out of service so we are keeping the windows open for most of the day (That being said, we do not just leave them flappin' open when the house is not occupied - for all of the crazies out there)
2. And the screens on our Upstairs Front Windows are off for repair right now (I think...they could very well be off forever for all I know)

This dog of ours has let herself onto the roof EVERY SINGLE day for the past 2 weeks or so. At least once a day. I have neighbors knocking on the front door to tell me this. Yelling down the street to tell me this. The first time - I shrieked in horror and ran up to get her. Probably did the same thing the second time. Now, I just walk out front - take a look at her up on the roof - yell at her a bit - and come back inside.

She's a freak.

And making us a bit of a spectacle in the neighborhood. Please tell me that other people's dogs embarrass them like this. Please. Please???

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Super Cute Blah Blah Couple

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Here is a picture of yours truly and her super cute husband from a few weeks ago. So precious.

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Spring Break 2009

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We are on Spring Break. So, if you are thinking I have disappeared from blogging - it is actually much worse...

It's Spring Break.

We have had a great week, actually. (It is ONLY Wednesday)

I cannot explain to you how much I can sense that Macy is turning FOUR in just 2.5 Months. It is quickly approaching and she is becoming this precious (and self-sufficient) child. Of course, I don't mean to infer that I force my children into complete "self-sufficiency" at Age 4 - but it's close. She can buckle the car-seat on her own....She can.....ok, so maybe the self-sufficient thing was a bit of a stretch...but - it's coming!!!!!!! I love four year olds, if you don't know that about me already.

To provide a little proof to the community that I do pay a little attention to my children - I would like to document our week thus far:

MONDAY: We went to Chick-Fil-A (Love this place) and had a ton of fun over nuggets, fruit and ice cream instead of educational toys. Macy has gotten over her tendency toward locking kids out of the play area.

TUESDAY: St. Patty's Day - We wore ridiculous amounts of Green. I love being a mom. You can really get away with looking stupid on holidays like St. Patty's Day (as long as you have your kids with you) We celebrated the big day at the Callaghan's with Corned Beef and Cabbage. That's what real Irish-Americans eat. So, I've been told. The Callaghan's are well aware that Shauna may not like it but she will eat it to fit in.

WEDNESDAY: I actually neglected my kids a bit today because I had some work to do. Sorry...I WAS on a roll with this parenting thing. What did I do well? What did I do well? I made dinner....They didn't really eat much of it....but I made it.

Tomorrow - I am taking one child to a birthday party and maybe even taking them swimming at the Health Club. To compensate for today of course.

Hope your week is going well!
Happy Spring Break '09.

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Texas T-Shirt Quilt Giveaway

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One of my closest friends, Becky, and I had lunch this past week. It was so nice to catch up after a good, year-long gap in our daily communications. Becky and I worked in corporate America together before we both decided that we wanted more. We were both pretty ambitious - but the ambitious that wouldn't ever be quenched if we were working for someone else. She left our company before I did and spent some time in Europe. I couldn't get an adventure to Europe past my husband at the time, but I soon left to stay at home with our 3 kids - which was an adventure in itself!

So, here we are - a year later...I am running Burbmom.net with Holly & Bianca. And Becky is running a business with her mom called Texas T-Shirt Quilts, based in Addison. karen_becky2

You may or may not be familiar with T-Shirt Quilts...I, personally, LOVE the concept. My kids' sports shirts, VBS shirts, baby clothes all hold special memories to me. I hate to throw them out or pass them on - this is such a creative (and practical) way to re-use them!

Texas T-Shirt Quilts is offering ONE LUCKY reader a FREE T-Shirt QUILT (Valued at $95). This Quilt is Approximately 45" by 60" in size - a Small Throw - Made up of 12 T-Shirts.

How do I Enter?

  • Comment on this Post OVER AT BURBMOM.NET - 1 Entry

  • Go Over to Texas T-Shirt Quilts - LOOK AROUND - Come back to BURBMOM.NET and Tell us Why You would love to WIN this Quilt - 5 Additional Entries

  • Post a Blog About this Giveaway on your Own Blog linking back to Burbmom.net - 10 Additional Entries

  • Twitter About the Giveaway - Linking HERE - 5 Entries

  • Facebook About the Giveaway - Linking HERE - 5 Entries

  • Send out an Email to your Friends about the Giveaway - 10 Additional Entries (COPY: shauna@burbmom.net)

  • Please Email me - shauna@burbmom.net with a list of everything that you have done for this contest so I can keep track of the entries!

Ok, now that could be a lot of entries if you are ambitious enough! Who needs luck when you have social media? The WINNER will be drawn on Tuesday, March 31st and Announced on April 1st, 2009 over at BURBMOM.NET. Good LUCK!

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She's Really Going to Love Me for This One...

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At Home ER Morning

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I was awake at a ridiculous hour this morning. I stumbled into my kitchen around 4:45am, only to end up with my foot on a HUGE SHARD of GLASS! I did the dramatic collapse to the floor. Looked around while I was down there and noticed a few more small shards of glass around the location of the injury. Someone had broken a glass and kept that information from me. Isn't it a known fact that you inform the woman of the house when something like that happens?

I decided to soak my foot in Epsom salt & warm water, as I got some early morning work done. The shard was in an impossible location for me to work on getting the thing out. I would have to be some kind of acrobat.

The husband woke around 7:45am.

I say to husband: "Did a glass break in our kitchen this weekend?"

H: "Yes, but I cleaned it all up."

Me: "Oh, actually, there is a HUGE SHARD of GLASS in my foot right now. (under my breath) You clearly didn't clean ALL of it up."

H: "Let me see if I can get it out."

Me: "OK"

Initial picture of this Life Threatening Accident:

Mr. Blah Blah Blogger at work - this lasted about half an hour (or MORE) by the way. I think he was repaying me for all of the snark & attitude I have put out over the years.

Check out that fancy lighting device from the garage. Pretty sanitary if you ask me.

And finally - The glass is out - I am healed.
Hope your Sunday has started out better than mine!

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Update on Randi

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I rarely post over here about my sister - I have most of her letters over at Randi's Reality...but she is on my mind this morning and I thought I would post over here about it also. I recieved this post from Randi about a week ago. I will conclude with an update (talked with Randi on the phone yesterday). Thanks - Shauna


On Tuesday, the whole women's dorm was transferred to another facility so that they can repaint our dorm. We are all settled in now over at Livingston Parish. I was excited about our little "road trip" at first - and there are a lot of good things about this place. ie. We get to go outside every day. All day long - we can come in and out as we please. And the place is really clean because it is a brand new facility.

But for some reason, I am getting depressed here. I don't know if it is because I am really realizing I am in jail or what? For the past 6 months, I have been at WBRP - I have gotten comfortable there. I have never been to another jail before so I guess I didn't really feel like I was in jail.

For the past 2 days, I have been able to sleep the whole day away. But today, I am tossing and turning in my bed. So, I got up - went outside with my coffee and started praying.

Of course, tears filled up my eyes - as they are right now.

I said - "God, get me out of this - why am I having such a hard time here?"

I thought to go get my Bible. I grabbed The Message and flipped open to Psalm 34: 15-19

"God keeps an eye on His friends. His hears pick up every moan and groan. God won't put up with rebels; he'll cut them off from the pack. Is anyone crying for help? God is listening, ready to rescue you if your heart is broken. You'll find God right there; if you're kicked in the gut, he'll help you catch your breath. Disciples so often get into trouble; still. God is there every time. v.22 - God pays for each slaves freedom; no one who runs to Him loses out."

So, God answered my prayer quickly. He told me that He is watching. He is listening. And He is ready to help.

- Randi Spearman
February 12, 2009

Update from Shauna:

I talked with Randi on Saturday and Sunday. She is back at WBRP - and I will go ahead and say she is in a bit of a rut. Shocking, I know. It is easy to get discouraged when you have all of the luxuries of freedom and have a group of believers that are holding you up - I know it has to be 100 times easier for Randi to get d
iscouraged. I committed to Randi to start praying for someone to come in that will help lift her up. She is doing a lot of that with the other inmates, and I think she is at a place where she needs some encouragement.

She is so tired of jail and ready to come home. We talked some yesterday about God's plans for us. It is rarely what we want for ourselves. And if He needs her there longer - she will be there longer. We can just pray for patience, and listen for God's direction.

Randi still has not been given a court date. She is just waiting. Gosh, I hate waiting. Don't we all. I can hardly bear to sit in traffic - and she is waiting on a system, that she has no control over,
to decide her freedom. My heart breaks for my little sister today. I want her home. But if she can't be home, I want her to feel God's presence and allow the joy of the Lord to be her strength.

John 16: 24 reveals Jesus speaking to his disciples:

"Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will
receive, and your joy will be complete."

Thanks for your continued prayers and love.


Shauna's Measurements

Jan 12
Feb 25
Left Arm 12.75 13 -0.25
Right Arm 12.25 12.5 -0.25
Chest 41.5 40.5 1
Waist 37 34 3
Hips 42 42 0
Left Thigh 24.5 24 0.5
Right Thigh 25 24.5 0.5
Left Calf 14.25 14 0.25
Right Calf 14.5 14.25 0.25



Here you can see my measurements. Starting on 1-12-2009. And where I am now!

I am so happy to see this because I am feeling so much better these days and look better too (right Kip?) The pounds have not come off yet - but they will come off soon, I know it! **Note to self: Those child-bearing hips may never get smaller.** **Second Note to Self: Should the chest really be shrinking?**

Laci has been so diligent with me. If you have to ability to get a personal trainer - I completely recommend it. I have so many things in life that important to me right now...Responsibility and time/energy demands out the wazoo...I wouldn't be sticking to this if it weren't for her!
**Note to readers...Laci may be starting an Online Personal Training Program really soon so she could be your personal trainer for an affordable rate! She rocks!**

Ok - back to work...Have a great Thursday!

11:09 PM

Finding Time To Blog...

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Can I just say that it is nearly impossible???

It is 11:09PM right now. I am typically in bed at 9PM (that's just how exciting my life is)...I actually just crash and burn around 9PM every night.

Anyhow - I cannot seem to find a moment to blog. Mostly because of THIS and THIS.

Soooo...I have ONE picture of the banister. Some kid pics. Dog pics. And they are all going in this post! So - here goes:

Today - Roxy's sister came to visit. Could these dogs look much more different? And could they be ANY cuter????

Chase needed a little photo-session today. He posed so preciously for this picture!
And...Drumroll Please. Here is an angle from my desk of the banister!!! Beautiful. Please ignore the blue paint that has STILL not been cut-in (only a year has passed since we painted- WHATEVER).

Also - I keep forgetting to mention this - but we are doing a Dallas Bloggers Dinner this Saturday night. If you are interested in going, go visit Holly's site for the details and email me (or her) if you want to come!

10:53 AM

Kid Update

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I am pretty sure you are sick of hearing about me - so I thought I would give you a kid update:

Mackenzie - Age 7.5

  • Just found out this week that she does not need her Reading Recovery program any longer - she is reading at her LEVEL!!!! Amazing!!! I mean, truly amazing.
  • Still has the best manners and etiquette ever
  • I really could go on and on about Kenz - she is such a joy. For those of you with little ones...just be patient - 7 will come one day and you will love them again.
Chase - Age 5.5
  • He is getting better and better at basketball. Kip said he even made a goal or score or whatever at practice the other day (I am a big sports fan if you cant tell)
  • Chase is struggling a little through Kindergarten. He is a pretty young kindergartner and it is likely he will do K again. We have already talked about it with him and unlike Mackenzie, he is completely OK with it and could care less.
  • Chase is so funny. I mean, he's a boy so he's a little annoying, but he is really hilarious and always making us laugh.
Macy - Age 3.5
  • Macy is super smart! She recognizes the letters in her name all over town.
  • She is hilarious. I mean - hilarious.
  • And if you had about 24 hours a day, to just sit and give her 150% of your attention, she would really be the best child you could ever imagine...but I don't happen to have 24 hours or 150% of attention - so she screams alot. ALOT. Just waiting for age 4.
There you go. Happy Wednesday!

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She's Losing It: Her Butt That is

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Well, I have been at this body transformation for exactly 1 Month!

I started on January 17th.

I am going to be really honest. This past month has been tough. My trainer is amazing and if it weren’t for her - I would have given up already. But - don’t lose hope in my - I had a good day yesterday. Let me explain:

When I started this journey, I can remember saying to Laci, “I will transform quickly - trust me…I always have.”

It is a month later and I am exactly 160lbs. The exact same weight.

We have been training 3 days a week. The workouts are tough. I am eating much better than I was (not perfectly, but much better). Drinking more water. And so on and so on. This weekend, I started thinking, maybe I am just getting older. Maybe my body doesn’t work like it used to because I am 29 (sheesh, I have tons to look forward to if 29 is giving me this much trouble.)

Laci will even come to my house to train me in the backyard when I am being a slacker.

dsci0010 Shes Losing It...Pressing On

Then, yesterday came like a beacon of light.

I had an appointment with Dr. Ozzi - you may remember him from our initial appointment in Week 1. I finally got my blood work done and he evaluated 3 PAGES worth of stuff in my blood. (”Stuff” is a pretty big medical term I like to use.) Based on his evaluation, there are some internal things that are keeping me from getting the most out of my workouts and diet. He has put me on about 6 different vitamins that will help my “insides” to work with what I am doing on the outside.

I am so anxious to see if this makes a difference in my results. Please keep cheering me on - I need every bit of it right now! As if those bikini pictures weren’t enough motivation.

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Did You Miss Me?? Did You Even Know I was Gone??

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I had a great blog vacation. I have lots to say though so expect some diligent blogging in the coming days. Not tonight of course. I am spent. But tomorrow.

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Blog Vacation 2009

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My dear friend (and co-conspirator at Burbmom.net) declared that she was going to take a Blog Vacation this week. And I think it is just brilliant.

I will be right there with her.

I am going to use any free time that I would be Blogging, visiting some sites that I miss so dearly. I have been pretty consumed with work lately and I feel obligated to keep up my blogging - since that IS my work...I just dont get to read as many blogs as I used to.

Let me know if I need to come visit you while I am on Vacation!

Oh - before I end this - I cannot forget to mention that today is Mr.Blah Blah Blogger's offical Birthday. Happy Birthday My Love!


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House Project #598 Continues...

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But has not concluded...

I woke up to this:

And this:
Now - exactly 25 hours after Start Time - it looks like this:

LOVING it. But - it is not complete. Stay Tuned....

2:53 PM

House Project #598...or something like that

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I love my husband.

I mean...I really love him.

One of the reasons that I love him is his passion and obsession with remodeling things in our house. He is a FREAK just like me. Here is how this day has gone down:

  • He was watching HGTV around 12:00pm today.
  • He says to me, "Come here, I have an idea."
  • I walk over to take a look at this:
**I personally love this area - it is what you see when you walk in my front door.**
  • But, the husband has a vision.
  • He speaks..."blah blah tear down the wall blah rail blah blah more space blah demo blah blah"
  • I argue a little (I don't know why because I am thrilled inside at the idea of demolition and change.)
  • Within 10 minutes all of the tools are upstairs and demo has begun.
  • It is currently 3:00PM Central Time and this is what you see:
(Ignore the date and time on this second picture - it is wrong. I think that the dust in the air may NEVER EVER go away.)

Hope to have even more pictures for you tonight!

7:02 AM

Dog is making herself at Home

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Thought I would give you a little update on our dog today. Most of you know that I am not a dog person, so much... We have had 3 different dogs in the past 3 years. None of them have stuck. They have actually been complete disasters of dogs.

We finally met Roxy a few months ago when she was born from her mother. We loved her at first site. Of course we did - she was a precious tiny puppy. Who doesn't love a puppy?

Roxy is growing up. And I am happy to announce - We still love her.

I know....it's crazy.

But we do. (even me)

Not only do we love Roxy, but Roxy is making herself right at home and trying to fit into the family. We all know that my kids can really take the cake with some of their behaviors. I think Roxy has been feeling a little competitive with this.

Case in point:

I go upstairs to take a shower. I crack open our front windows because it is a beautiful day. I get in the shower. Get out...20 minutes or so passes with me getting ready for my day. I walk into my bedroom. Look toward the window. And who is peeking in the window back at me. Roxy. On the Roof.



I wanted to congratulate you on making it to the 3rd week of your Life Transformation. After raiding your pantry this weekend, I thought I would share a few tips with your Burb Mom’s. One suggestion I made for you is to have a family cooking day. Sunday is a great day for the whole family to help out. The purpose of cooking all your meals at once is to have healthy food ready to go with less mess and headache thorough out the week. Here is a quick guideline for your refrigerator.

Protein: Boneless organic chicken, Fish (Mahi Mahi), Homemade Meatballs, Salmon
Fruit: Have a bowl of fruit cut and ready to go. Also, you can make fruit water for your drinking pleasure
Vegetables: Beans, Broccoli, carrots,
Rice& Noodles: Wheat- Whole grains only
Deserts- frozen grapes, yogurt,
Salad- everything you like in a salad, & make sure you have Kraft Light Done Right (or another organic or vinegar/oil)
Bread- Ezequiel bread ( or another frozen bread item )

By having your food ready to go when you get home is a great alternative to fast food. Also, the mess to clean up is cut down because you only cook one time a week.

When I open your refrigerator, I should see fresh vegetables, fruits, and protein ready to heat up. Eating healthy becomes easier when you prepare yourself for success.

Shauna did a great job of having snack bags ready to go for her family. I would be sure to include healthy options like raisins, cranraisins, nuts, fresh fruits, carrots, apples.. Organic of course!

1. All of your food is cooked and ready to go when you walk in the door.
2. Kids have healthy snacks to go
3. Less headache will cooking every night & cleaning

Small meals throughout the day are a must!

Last thought! Who buys the groceries in your household? Bad health choices are made at the grocery store before they are available to make at the house. So, get your grocery list ready for a healthy week! Start today!

11:32 AM

And the Winner Is....

Posted by Shauna |

This shirt was up for grabs this week...
The winner is Comment #6 (excluding Megan because she doesn't want her own shirt!) :)

Which means that Violet is the winner! Violet, email me at ksmccallaghan AT hotmail DOT com when you can so we can talk details and I can get this shipped!

9:25 PM

She's Losing It: Week 2

Posted by Shauna |

I have been too busy to post on my journey this past week! Which is a good thing, I think.

I completed Week 2 - Yesterday, January 26th! And, I survived.

Here is a quick rundown of my week:

Monday: I actually got forced motivated enough by Kip to get up and go to the gym (on a holiday)! I did about 20 minutes of walking/jogging on the treadmill and half an hour of different weight training. I also had an appointment with Dr. Taylor who is working on my back. I have lived with aches and pains in my neck and lower back/hips for many, many years. He is working with me which is making a WORLD of difference as I start this training program.

Tuesday: No Work Out. I spoke at the Tour 18 Women's Club meeting - and did NOT eat as terribly as I really wanted to. My good friend, Shelby, catered in Salerno's & if you are local, you know how difficult it was for me to resist just sitting there and STUFFING my face for hours.

Wednesday: Work Out with Laci at 9am. Appointment with Dr. Taylor at 10am. Did my first session in an Infrared Sauna at ProActiveWorX- it rocks! I will be giving you more details on it later because I think it is going to make a difference in my weightloss.

Thursday: No Work Out. Thursday was not that great of a day for me. I was pretty overwhelmed with work, kids, and life. It is really tough to eat right when you are stressed! I just wanted to drive through Sonic and scarf down my stress. So, I did. Sorry Laci!

Friday: Work Out with Laci at 9am. We mixed it up and did a boot camp style workout on Friday morning. We even ran around outside for a while. My body had a bit of a culture shock with that! I did another session in the Infrared Sauna. (Sauna rhymes with Shauna, you know.)

As of Friday, my weight was down from 160lbs to 155lbs. 5 POUNDS, BABY! Yay!

Stay tuned for a video blog later this week!

4:37 PM

Little Bella Bean Rocks My Mailbox

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I recently did some blog work for Megan at Little Bella Bean & we decided on a trade in place of payment...

I made it difficult for her though and told her to surprise me!

Well, let me say that she did an EXCELLENT job!

Check out what I got in the mail yesterday!

I despise doing the dishes, so these should make that duty a little more beautiful! Look at how she matched up the apron & dish gloves to my house! Do you see the colors in the background? Megan, I dont know how much research or stalking time you put into this project, but it was time well spent - you got it just right!

Macy didn't earn this shirt in any manner, but it is just perfect for her! How great is that butterfly?

I got one other item that is absolutely adorable! And because I love you guys - I am going to give it away! It's a little small for Chase - so one of you will get it!!! All you have to do is leave a comment here telling me who you would give it to & it would also be wonderful if you could go by LBB & tell Megan how much you love her stuff! Oh, and maybe buy something too!

Here is the precious shirt - (blue shirt underneath is not included)!
Love it! Hope you do too! I will pick one random winner on Friday of this week - I think it is the 30th of January.

3:39 PM

Once Upon a Taco

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Once Upon A Time...

A husband came home from work with a bag full of tacos. He said to his wife, "These are the best tacos ever created. You will love them. I know you are dieting right now but I love your belly and you will love these tacos - eat one (or two)....(or three)." (ok, he may not have said this, but this is what she heard)

She ate of the tacos and LOVED the tacos. With all of her heart.

This morning, the husband said to the wife, "I bet that my taco place has some delicious breakfast tacos, let's go get some"

The wife - reluctantly and regretfully - said, "Ok, let's do it - I DO love those tacos."

The happy family drove down the road.

They pulled into a gas station.

The husband said to the wife, "Here we are!"

The wife, in utter confusion, looked at the gas station and did not see a Taco Restaurant.

But the wife saw this:

She sat in shock.

The blessed tacos had come from a "hole in the wall" - literally - a hole in the wall of the gas station.

She threw up a little then proceeded to eat some breakfast tacos.

7:44 PM

Kitchen Cabinet Tutorial

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DISCLAIMER: Just because this worked for me, does not mean it will work for you. Promising, huh.

STEP 1: Buy a small $5 can of black paint from Big Lots. I bought it with the purpose of covering a wooden box. I had left-overs.

STEP 2: Take off cabinet doors (not a necessary step, but it helps.)

STEP 3: I sanded the doors a little. They had some rough spots from when I painted before. This was not a full sanding gig - I just did the bare minimum.

STEP 4: Paint first coat on everything(base of cabinets and the doors). Let dry.

STEP 5: Screw doors back onto cabinets.

STEP 6: Paint second coat. Let dry.

You are now finished with this project.

Happy Painting People!

7:40 AM

Inauguration Day

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(Image borrowed from msn.com)

Today is a big day in American history. And I really don't care if you are Republican, Democrat or somewhere in the middle like me...today is still a really big deal.

Barack Obama is taking office as our 44th President today.

I don't use this blog to promote my political beliefs...and that is not my purpose today either.

Today is monumental. We live in a country that has a deep rooted history of racial issues and segregation. Our new black president is taking office at the U.S. Capitol that slaves helped build many years ago. Today reveals a significant shift in the hearts of Americans. It reveals a barrier being broken down and equality becoming more of a reality.

I pray for, and stand behind our new President. I encourage you, no matter your political stance or beliefs, to do the same thing.

2:25 PM

She's Losing It: Week 1

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I have completed my first week of training and transformation!

I want to note a few significant changes this week: both in my habits and my health.

1. I have starting eating something every few hours. I stocked up on protein bars, water, fruit & veggies, skim milk, yogurt & berries, protein enriched granola & so on. I will eat about every 3 hours. It makes a big difference in how I feel all day. I have more energy. I don't get grouchy when I am feeling starved - because I just dont get to that point. Which also means that I don't make terrible food choices when I am hungry. This has always been a big problem for me. Very hungry=Big Mac. Very Hungry=Taco Bueno Muchacos. Etc, etc.

2. I had a visit with Dr. Ozzi earlier this week and there were a number of things discussed - you can see a short clip of the visit here (check out those arms with the blood pressure cuff...I will have to get this video done again when the arms get back in shape!):

The main thing that we discovered in my visit was that I may have a physical adversity and/or an allergy to Wheat and/or Gluten. Not cool. I love gluten. :) But, I am trying to get healthy so I am cutting it out as much as possible. I am already seeing RESULTS from this! It is crazy! I have had Excema on my hand for YEARS. It has cleared up significantly this week! Skin allergies can be associated with Gluten allergies.

3. I feel better and have more energy this week. I have been sore from my workouts on Monday & Friday but this is to be expected.

4. I have not seen any physical changes yet but I am sure we will see them soon!

2:26 PM

She's Losing It: The History

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I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everyone's encouragement on this project (and on the swimsuit pictures). It has meant more than you will ever know!

This first week has been really good. And I will be writing a update for you.

But, I feel like it is important to give you some history and tell you how I got here. Here are the basics:

  • I grew up competing in gymnastics and cheerleading. I was in pretty good shape...I have never really been thin...more of a stalky build. In high school, I weighed around 130 lbs. Very average, in my opinion.

  • I went to college and gained the freshman 15. Yes, high school seniors, that is real.

  • Lost that in my sophomore year.

  • I got pregnant with my first child when I was 20 years old and gave birth at 21. A few months after Mackenzie was born, I started getting in prime physical shape. I worked out 5 days a week and I loved it. My husband is very active so it has always been a good fit for both of us!

  • A year later...pregnant with baby #2. I gained about 50 pounds with Chase! Ick. I was nearing the 200lb mark.

  • Exercise didn't come quite as easily with 2 kids and a full time job. I don't think I have ever quite shaken off my Chase baby-weight.

  • Pregnant another year or so later with baby #3. I didn't gain quite as much weight with Macy but - who cares - I still had my Chase weight!

  • Exercise REALLY didn't happen with 3 kids and a full-time job!

  • I worked Full-Time out of the house until September 2007. When I left my job to stay at home with my kids, I thought...ok, now is the time. I can go to the gym every day. It is going to be great! It didn't happen.

So, here I am. I am 29 years old. 5'2" and 160lbs. I have lived on fast food, Dr. Pepper, coffee & anti-depressants for the past two years. I rarely get a full night of sleep. My kids are 7, 5 & 3 - very active and challenging at times.

I have a reputation for being brutally honest about the stress in my life. But, what that means for me is that women feel comfortable telling me about the stresses in their lives as well. Based on the information that I have gathered, I am the typical mom. Or as Chaka Khan would say, "I'm Every Woman."

But I want to be better.

I want to be the best that I have ever been!


Shauna writes rambles on about life stuff on her personal blog: Blah Blah Blog.

5:22 AM

The HISTORY of a Kitchen

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I thought I might give you the history of my kitchen today. Because, for being in my life for a short 2 years, it has a pretty extensive history.

Here is my kitchen when we very first met (April 2007):

She really didn't have a chance. I looked at her and I saw a beautiful clean canvas on which I would paint my heart out.

Here she is after her first coat of paint(May2007). Much better.
Imagine that, I was bored within a few months and decided she needed a little sprucing up(November 2007)!I have been content with her for the past year or so. We made some lighting changes but that is about it. That random ceiling fan got the boot, as did the popcorn ceiling!

Well, a few days ago, I was cleaning my kitchen and I realized that I had some brown paint touch ups that needed to be done. While I was painting, I realized that 20 minutes of paint touch ups WOULD NOT quench my need to transform. To change.

I honestly could not even control myself as I walked to the garage and got the screw driver. First door off. Second.

A few days later and we have this:

It's my favorite so far.

A special thanks goes out to my husband, Kip, who has not divorced me for being psychotic. And to my kitchen, who has not revolted against my transformations YET.

7:55 AM

Day 1: January 12, 2008

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Blah Blah Blogger Speaks (and you get the pictures):

8:23 AM


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Please come place your votes today for the name of my new project! **If you are in a reader, you will have to come to my site because it is in the sidebar.**

I am preparing to go meet with Laci at 9:15:

  • I have my workout clothes on...the ugliest ones that I own because the cute ones don't fit anymore.
  • I grabbed my favorite swimsuit that I have never fit into the way that I want to. I will be taking a world-famous, hideous picture in it this morning. UGHHH...
  • I ate a healthy breakfast in hopes that I don't throw it up later.
  • I have water.
  • I only had ONE cup of coffee this morning. Who knows what more might do to me...I really haven't worked out since I became a coffee drinker. Could these two things be clinically linked?? Who knows...
I am so excited about getting my body back...and just feeling better! Being out of shape has affected so many areas of my life and I just haven't even been paying attention.

I live in my sweats. I don't even care if I have make up on...ever. That may not change though. I am exhausted all the time. I have lost a ton of confidence in myself...not online of course, because you people can't see me. :) I am short tempered. Stressed. And the list goes on and on. I know these things will change. And I am excited about it!

Ok - well, come and vote. I need to get my rear in gear and go see Laci!


7:49 AM

New Shauna Project...

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I have a busy day scheduled today. But, I wanted to tell you about one of the first things on my agenda because I am super excited about it!

This morning, I am going to meet with my brand new personal trainer at ProActiveWorX, here in Flower Mound. Her name is Laci & I think we are going to have a love-hate relationship. What is exciting about all of this is that you, dear reader, are going to get a play-by-play of this whole process.

Laci & I will be documenting the whole transformation here and on burbmom.net.

Get ready for diary entries, menu plans, input from Laci, video blogs, pictures, pictures and more pictures. Ugh. You will really enjoy this. I, on the other hand, will be mortified at the number of pictures of me that will be on the world wide web. I am a big fan of the pretty picture of my face. **We are all aware of this.** But, I have a feeling some of these pictures will not be so pretty...or of my face.
{I really love this one of my face because it was taken a few years ago}

I digress...

One of the first steps of this process for me is deciding on a name for this "project". I have decided to let you come up with that for me! For the next few days, I would like to hear of any ideas that you have. Something catchy, funny, serious, whatever you think will best describe my journey!

I will, then, post my top 5 choices for you to vote on! Voting will also be held on burbmom.net!

Thanks for your help! Bring on the suggestions!